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Graphic Design

   The Seed of Destiny is a documentary. An innovative rap artist turned publisher survives life's obscurities by using his writing and self-produced music as a way of escape ushering in fulfillment.

Designer: Terrell Smith

Mission: To represent the film adequately and create curiosity amongst online customers to enduce clicks for the purpose of gaining viewers.

Purpose of the design: To be established as a mainstream musician gaining notariety on Amazon Prime which garners an estimated 112 million subscribers in the U.S. alone.

Problems: The budget for the project was miniscule compared to other competing projects of this stature on Amazon Prime. The project still had to stand out, yet be competitive with other music documentaries.

Solution Overview: Since the budget did not ensure rental of a photography studio, Photos were shot in a recording studio behind a portable green screen. The speakers were then created in state of the art computer software. The 3D camera was matched with the real camera to give the feeling that the subject was actually there. Colors chosen were to communicate fun and sponteneity while the face of the subject was to communicate a serious mission. The subject was placed in front of the speakers to show music as the foundation of the many talents of the artist.

Results: The Seed of Destiny was ultimately accepted to Amazon Prime and won the Bronze Remy Award in the Houston International Film Festival of 2017. Results are credited to many viewers and still gains new viewers today!   

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