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   Underground South Connection was established in 2005 and was named after Harriet Tubman's Underground Railroad. Terrell Smith is an artist that now goes by Smokee Whine. At the time known by the name Trete Lo (pronounced Trait Low), he created a compilation album called Underground South Connection. Many southern rap artists were featured on this album because Trete Lo wanted to allow each artist to sell it for exposure. This was supposed to free the artist financially to continue their own dream as musicians just as Harriet Tubman freed the slaves. After some artist featured gained mild success, they were able to continue in the music business. Trete Lo went on to start a company which first started as Mo Words Entertainment but later morphed into Underground South Connection. The company published More than Words, the first poetry and short story magazine in North Louisiana. Then the company advanced to publishing his own books Dead Soul, The Realest Story that Ever Lived and The Martyr. By 2009, Underground South Connection was publishing books by other authors like Cacha Cream and Mz. Penny Diva.

   The company evolved into film production. Underground South Connection has created over 120 videos that include short films and documentaries. In 2017, Trete Lo won the Bronze Remi Award for his now Amazon Prime featured documentary of his story, "The Seed of Destiny, the Story of Da Author Trete Lo. Underground South Connection went on to produce Knuckles, a Hip Hop Musical, which featured 63 Houston, Texas actors. Knuckles won the Silver Award for 2020 in the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival. This is the first project the company has slated to be in select theaters and on national television. Underground South Connection is proud of its accomplishments and even more proud of the fact that they help talented individuals who truly deserve it.  

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