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Artist Submissions

  Submit your music here for the film Knuckles. Once your song is submitted, you'll be eligible to be in the film and play a lead part performing your song or songs. There is a $7.00 submission fee per song. This fee covers really listening to your song and insures only serious artits that believe in their music will apply. At Underground South Connection, we believe in helping artists as you are the foundation of our business through the services that you purchase. Here are the requirements.     

1.)  Your song must be performed with an original beat. (No lease beats, you may submit up to 3 songs) If you submit a lease beat and are selected for a lead part, you will be asked to record your song on an original beat provided by UGSC and record in our studio at no charge to you.

2.) You must be willing to do publicity tours if needed for all media.

3.) You must be at least 14 years of age.
4.) You must understand that if you are selected for a lead part you will be compensated through a royalty system from publishing and other negotiated terms.
5.) You must submit your submission fee.
Note: Some artists will not be offered a role, may only be asked to perform or your song may only be played.

Deadline is July 15, 2018! Hurry

Step by Step                                           Read below First

First: Submit Your Payment through the paypal link. The Come back to
Second: Submit your song and mention the email name or company you paid under.
Third: Wait to see if we want to use you and/or your song.
Fourth: Watch Our latest Documentary "The Seed of Destiny, The Hustle, the Grind, the Artist" to view the quality of work we have already done. Find it on Amazon.

If you don't hear anything back from us this means we can't use you. We would love to contact every person that submits but due to time limits we can't. Never give up on your music and yourself!

Please note that if you are selected as an artist to be in the film, you will be expected to pay a $7.00 submission Fee
It's non-refundable and covers the time it takes to really listen to your song and research. Also it insures serious artist that believe in their craft only need apply.

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